An extended chronological CV is also available here: 


  • 2017 The Umbral Empire: Prologue, [MARS] Gallery, Melbourne

  • 2016 Postcard eXotica, debut at ACMI and exhibition at [MARS] Gallery, Melbourne

  • 2015 My Material World, [MARS] Gallery, Melbourne

+ Past solo shows have also taken place at Perth Centre for Contemporary Photography, Adelaide College of the Arts, The Substation, FELTspace, Sawthooth ARI, Interior 2.1., Seventh Gallery, Blindside ARI, Trocadero Art Space, Kings ARI, First Site Gallery, and RMIT SoA Gallery.


  • 2017 Postcard eXotica, Art Central Hong Kong (Media X Mumm), Hong Kong

  • 2017 Postcard eXotica, 17th Media Art Biennale WRO, Wroclaw

  • 2017 Postcard eXotica, Camouflage curated by WRO Biennale, Warsaw

  • 2017 Colonial Eclipse, Necronomicon Uploaded, Deslave, Tijuana

  • 2016 Cherry,Drawing to An End, [MARS] Gallery, Melbourne

  • 2014 Radish, The Return of Ghosts, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei

  • 2014 aXolotl’s Smile, South1 curated by David Corbet, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney

  • 2014 Radish, Nervous Tensions curated by Anabelle Lacroix, Careof, Milan

  • 2013 Heart Shaped Bruises,15th Media Art Biennale WRO, Wroclaw

  • 2013 Heart Shaped Bruises, Unco curated by Ian Haig, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles

+ Past group shows have also taken place at Blindside ARI, Middleback Arts Centre, Adelaide Festival Centre, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Fremantle Arts Centre, The Substation, NCCA, Incinerator Gallery, NAS Gallery and The Slade School of Fine Art. 


  • 2018 Diego Ramirez: Towards The Umbral curated by Anabelle Lacroix, ACMI in partnership with ACCA, Melbourne

  • 2017 Delegated Performance (Radish), Videohouse 2, Deslave, Tijuana

  • 2017 aXolotl’s Happiness, Orientations: Pushing Boundaries curated by Linda Lai, EXiS, Art Sonje Centre, Seoul

  • 2016 My Superstar, IVAM, Centro de Artes de Vanguardia, La Neomudéjar, Madrid

  • 2015 Radish, The Return of Ghosts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

  • 2015 aXolotl’s Happiness,Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales

  • 2014 Radish, 6th Cairo Video Festival, Medrar for Contemporary Art, Cairo

  • 2014 Radish, FILE 2014 – Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo

  • 2013 Heart Shaped Bruises,Channels Video Art Festival, ACMI, Melbourne

+ Past screenings also include Galerie du Genie de la Bastille a Paris, Miami New Media Festival, Auckland Underground Film Festival, Contemporary Art Ruhr, Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival, Antimatter [Media Art], Sydney Underground Film Festival, Experiments in Cinema Film Festival, Videoholica, Byron Bay International Film Festival, South Texas Underground Film Festival, WNDX Winnipeg’s Festival of Film and Video Art and Close Up Vallarta 2ndVideo Festival.


  • 2016 Postcard eXotica, $10,000, City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program, Melbourne

  • 2015 aXolotl’s Happiness, Paramor Prize, Casula Powerhouse (Finalist), Sydney

  • 2013 Heart Shaped Bruises,Redlands Art Prize (Finalist), NAS Gallery, Sydney

+ Past awards also include The Incinerator Art Award, The 39th Alice Prize, Whyalla Art Prize, Substation Contemporary Art Prize and The Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award. 


  • 2018 Semiotic Dungeons, A+a: Art and Australia, Issue Three (54.2): Unnaturalism, Melbourne

  • 2018: Racial Phantasmagoria: The Demonisation of the other in Richard Mosse’s Incoming, Issue #Mapping, NECSUS, Amsterdam

  • 2018 The Will of Sound and Image: TarraWarra Biennial 2018, Runway Conversations, Sydney

  • 2018 *dumb brun(ette) vol.1(co-editor), Bus Projects’ stall at NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair, Melbourne

  • 2017 Aaron Christopher Rees: Techno-Ghoul, Frist Draft, Sydney and The Article, Melbourne

  • 2016 Ramesh Mario: Super Phalluses and Western Clutter, A+a: Art and Australia, Melbourne

  • 2016 A Freak Encounter: anime fans and the friki subculture, Fragmented Magazine #3, Melbourne

  • 2015 Happy Summer Tank: the politics of gender, race and memory in cosplay, CCC Journal #4, London

  • 2014 The aXolotl: a vehicle for knowledge and the postcolonial ‘return’, Runway #26,Sydney

+ Past writing also includes reviews for *dumb brun(ette) and catalogue essays for LaTrobe Art Institute, First Draft, Bus Projects, Nicholas Projects, Counihan Gallery,BLINDSIDE ARI, Seventh Gallery, Rubicon ARI, Kings ARI, Five Walls and Archive ARI.