• Signs of the Undead, [MARS] Gallery, Melbourne



  • Those Monuments Don’t Know Uscurated by Andy Butler,Bundoora Homestead, Melbourne

  • Once More, With Diversity Feeling, Ventriloquy: Lifenessless curated by Joel Stern, West Space, Melbourne

  • aXolotl’s Happiness and Postcard eXotica, MARS Video Exchange, MetroArts, Brisbane

  • Once More, With Diversity Feeling, Hell curated by Melissa Deerson, KINGS ARI, Melbourne



  • Unnatural Hunger: the copy, the vampire and postcolonial anxieties, Island Island, Melbourne

  • The Falling Star, Catalogue essay for Alexandra Nemaric, TCB Inc, Melbourne

  • PoC Barometer (or what I really think about the conversation we had at the gallery opening), Art Speak by Metroarts, Brisbane

  • Mary, Holy Mary, Catalogue essay for A Treasured Private Notebook, CCP, Melbourne and Metroarts, Brisbane



  • Gallery Manager, SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne

  • Speaker, The Horrible Affair Between A Sadistic Text and a Masochistic Text, WRITING & CONCEPTS, West Space, Melbourne

  • Speaker, Panel on Picasso, ABC The Mix: Episode 9, Ballarat

  • Interview, Sunday Arts Magazine, JOY 94.9, Melbourne

  • Interview, SBS En Español, Melbourne