Family Grimoires: The Diaspora Fantastic focuses on artists that mediate their experiences of diaspora through invocations of family and culture. The exhibition includes work from culturally diverse artists that reference family history while evoking a sense of politicised imagination. These artists are New York based Jiwon Choi and Melbourne based Alexandra Nemaric, Deanna Hitti, Phuong Ngo and Lucreccia Quintanilla.

In this exhibition, we see how these artists address the notion of dislocation by summoning kinsfolk. They do this by incorporating familial narratives, found photographs, board games and memories in artworks that hold a dreamy quality. This show gathers these studio tactics like spells in a grimoire (book of magic) to cast a deeper understanding of diaspora. By grouping these artists together, Ramirez seeks to create a space where the potential of cultural heritage can be explored through conflicted, unconventional and fantastical forms.